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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Start the New Year Right: Hypno-Coaching To Change Your Life

Many people are introduced to hypnosis through some fun show at a college event, at a bar, or at a festival of some sort.  You see some friends or strangers act foolish, dance about like crazy, forget their names, forget their ability to know the number 5 or a host of other things.  It looks like they lose the ability to have free will, that they’re completely controlled, or some other scary thing.  When I talk to people about hypnosis, most people warily admit to an apprehensive rejection of it, with the notion that they’ll lose control and they don’t want to do that.

While the notion and fear of losing control through hypnosis seems logical from the experiences that people may have had with it in the past, it is actually the exact opposite. 

Hypnosis isn’t a state where you hear nothing, see nothing, feel nothing, and can’t do anything. Hypnosis is a state of higher consciousness, away from the blockade of negative thoughts that usually try to tell us what we can and cannot do, that from past experience, inappropriately filtered and processed, created fake limitations.  Hypnosis allows us to bypass these ways of thinking completely and speak to the true agent of change, our subconscious mind.  It is not a process of losing control, but instead a process of reconnecting with the inner power and control you already have within you.

However, hypno-coaching goes even deeper than that.  Where traditional hypnosis used to use the authoritative model of change,  Hypno-Coaching seeks and successfully brings forth true growth and results through empowerment, helping you find your strongest and most powerful self, helping you become the happier and more empowered version, and helping you see the brighter and more promising future that lays in front of you.

 Hypno-Coaching is about strategic growth, with the practitioner helping you discover the true path and tools that will help you truly create the results you’re looking for.  Instead of a singular session where you’re left with the hypnotic suggestion, you’re given tools, techniques, strategies, and methods to continually address the issues, and future issues you may face, to create and attain the results you want in your life.

Hypno-coaching doesn’t just put you in a hypnotic trance, and for those weary of hypnotic trances, it doesn’t need to use them to help you attain the results you want.

With a toolbox of techniques from the greatest arts and sciences of change, hypno-coaching utilizes the best strategies imaginable to help you discover what it is that you truly want.  Every session is specific to each and every person, utilizing the frames that you use for your world, and not trying to speak in any other language than the one your subconscious best speaks in.

You will leave every session with a greater insight into what has been driving your actions and most importantly the tools to work with these Action Drivers, to get the results you want as quickly as possible.  In the session however, you will also be aided by the hypnotic protocols that will help you start to reach your maximum, true potential through your subconscious process, and attain your goals better, faster, and sustainably. 

            Change isn’t the goal of hypno-coaching. 

            We Don’t Change! 

            We Become More of our Better Self!

With hypnotic coaching, you’ll become more of your better self each and every day, leaving the session with the knowledge and ability to access your highest self and your maximum potential.

So forget about those old hypnosis comedy shows.  Forget about the weird shows you might have watched, or any of your old preoccupations with hypnosis.  Instead, look into yourself, think of all the things you’re truly capable of. Think of your life without cigarettes, think of weighing 10, or 30, or as was my case, 147 pounds less than you are right now, imagine having more confidence, better energy management, or even better, unleashing a life with no boundaries and infinite possibilities.  Take a moment, really think about it, create that image in your mind.  A life unbound.  A life completely free from the past, free from I Can’t, free from the impossible.  What would you have tomorrow, if you started living fully today?


            Do you have that image in your head?

            Hypno-Coaching can and does help you bring that image into reality.

            It gives you the control of your life to shape it as you dream.

            Forget SMART Goals!

            It’s Time To Dream Big!

            It’s Time To Give Hypno-Coaching A Go!
By: Clarence Oliver, CHP and NLP Practitioner
Hypnotherapist @Enlightened Interventions, LLC
Call for a FREE consultation: 774-261-2259

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