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Sunday, July 5, 2015

The Balance of Balance

Balance is a struggle. It's not always like those neat little pie graphs that lifestyle specialists share with us. I am
always amused by those graphs, as I think a more accurate depiction would be a bunch of hands reaching in and trying to pull pieces of the lifestyle "pie" away from center. Isn't that what life is like....constant pushes and pulls away from the balance we strive for? And the subsequent guilt we feel about not being able to balance it all? Feeling guilt as the kid's eat a Happy Meal, or you didn't make it to the gym today, or you are slacking on your new year's journaling resolution. Who are these people who can create this little utopia of wellness, live off kale and meditation, and can balance it all?!
When our staff met for 2015 to set goals for us as a practice, one of the words we felt strongly about building into our values was "sustainability".  We wanted our clients and ourselves to find a way to work the type of wellness that works for them into their daily life in a manageable and sustainable way. Giving our clients a break from the guilt of "not doing enough" and finding peace in "today, I did something" is powerful and the foundation that true sustainability is built upon.
A few weeks ago, I was having a conversation about smoking a cigarette before a yoga class...to which my (fabulous) instructor said "it's better than having one without doing yoga". She was so right.
It has struck me that maybe balance isn't about doing everything, but balancing out  what you do for yourself to be well and stay well with the things that we previously felt guilty for. Maybe you had a beer last night, but made sure to hit yoga in the morning. Maybe you haven't hit that journaling as hard as you want, but you treated yourself to a massage. Maybe you had that pizza last night, but found time to make it to Pilates today. Maybe you overslept and forgot all your coping skills for stress management, but called and opened up to a friend. Plan and build in what works for your life in a way you can succeed with, and make wellness manageable. 

Let the wellness you do build in define you and find pride in what you can manage and sustain. Love the life you live. I, for one, will be at the beach today....and even though there is plenty else I could be doing, this is my balance.

Find yours.


Thursday, February 5, 2015

Massage for Health and Wellbeing

When we ask people about their goals for wellness, it almost always involves the statement "I just want to feel better/good/well/etc". This statement is so honest and accurate for the human desire to be well in mind, body, and spirit.   The connectedness of the three is what allows us to achieve and sustain overall health, and massage therapy can play an important role in supporting this quest.

When people initially think of massage therapy, there is this misconception that it is a luxury service meant as a "one time treat" verses an ongoing wellness practice. However, we support the idea of integrative, mind-body medicine and wellness, and have not only been educated as to the incredible impact regular massage therapy can have on emotional wellbeing, we have seen it first hand with our clients!

If you haven't incorporated regular massage therapy into your health and wellness routine yet, here are some promising links between the effectiveness of massage therapy in aiding in the treatment of mental health symptoms.

In a recent study in the International Journal of Preventive Medicine, researchers concluded massage therapy could serve as an effective intervention in managing blood pressure, a major health concern for clients coping with anxiety. The study showed that the immediate results of lowered blood pressure lasted up to 72 hours after massage, and had a drastic impact on reported levels of stress and anxiety.

Research published in Military Medicine reports that military veterans indicated significant reductions in ratings of anxiety, worry, depression, and symptoms of PTSD after receiving massage therapy treatments. Analysis also suggests declining levels of tension and irritability following massage. We have seen first-hand at the practice the benefits of massage therapy for our clients experiencing intrusive PTSD symptoms.

There has been promising talk about the usefulness of massage therapy as a supportive additional practice for the treatment of bipolar disorder, in conjunction with other treatment options. Massage therapy can increase client's mindfulness practice, ability to tune in with their body's experience, regulate emotional imbalances, and reduce irritability and agitation.

Additionally, massage therapy can be useful to help cope with chronic depression, grief, mania, anxiety, chronic pain, symptoms related to autoimmune disorders, and PTSD.

Many insurance plans have wellness benefits included that can be used for massage therapy services. Contact us to see if your plan includes this, and to schedule your massage therapy intake appointment, where you and your MT will work collaboratively to discuss your goals  and wellness needs to create a individualized plan that best suits you.

Christine, our Licensed Massage Therapist can be reached at 978-660-3836. We currently have many new clients and package specials going on.

Be well!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Social Media: Wellness at Your Fingertips

We live in a world where we want everything accessible and convenient. We can order dinner online (and it ay someone to deliver it from a non-delivery restaurant), we can download a whole series of television in one sitting, and we can google just about any topic, anywhere, at any time (alligator attacks anyone?). But how does this effect the world of wellness?

We all know the quest to wellness takes hard work, and that change takes time. Therapy, as challenging as it can be, works, as do diets when done correctly, physical training, and a litany of other wellness ventures. At Enlightened Interventions, we celebrate the individual journey as part of being well and staying well, and embrace the idea that true wellness is about sustainability and integrative plans that take commitment.

However, we know that the best way to help you achieve and sustain your goals is to make the tools you need to achieve them accessible to you. Whether it be a coaching call or text with our team here, a quick stop in on the facebook page or twitter account to learn about the wellness tips or special offers of the day, a login to the instagram page for a meditation mantra, or a quick coping skills review on the pinterest page, we want our commitment to your wellness to be easy for you to access.

In a world of social media, we want you connected with us through as many ways possible. Please take some time and link up to our pages, accounts, and everything in between to help you stay on top of having all the skills you need for your wellness goals.

Our Facebook page: The best way to stay on top of our latest specials and new services.

Our Pinterest Account: A collection of our resources, best skills and tips, local resources, and other information to help you get through the day to day

Our Instagram Account: A compilation of quotes, pictures, and practice updates to keep you in the loop!

Our Twitter Feed: A Great Way to Follow Helpful Education for Your Wellness

Our Website: The 411 on many of our services, our team, and our values.

Our LinkedIn Business Page: https://www.linkedin.com/company/9229118?trk=tyah&trkInfo=tarId%3A1421358385261%2Ctas%3Aenlightened%20interv%2Cidx%3A1-1-1

Happy Following!


Saturday, January 3, 2015

Holistic Health: What are all those alternative therapies anyways?

Never allow your mind to entertain thoughts of illness or limitation; you will see your body change for the better. Remember that mind is the power that is creating this body and if the mind is weak, the body becomes weak. Don't grieve or worry about anything.”

Paramhamsa Yogananda

I have been on my own personal journey of healing for the past 30 or more years. In the course of my own journey, I have had many epiphanies, and made a lot of exciting discoveries. As a result, I have seen major improvements in my own health. I have even impressed my own allopathic doctors at points (and that is not easy to do!). What I have “discovered” is not my own invention; the wisdom is out there, one just needs to find it. And study it. I have done that, and now am certified in and practice several very exciting and promising modalities, that happen to complement each other and work very well together.

Eastern medical practices have been utilized for over a thousand years and have stood the test of time tin terms of helping fight illness, recover from pain, and prevent health issues. These natural interventions call upon your bodies own resources in a planful and natural way to help you heal. 

But many people are wary of trying new alternative approaches, or think they will need to give up their allopathic (western) treatment. This is simply not true, and many of these techniques can be used as a supportive Intervertion while undergoing allopathic care, or simply on their own.

Let's break down some of the alternative therapies that can help you with your health goals.

Auriculotherapy: Ear Acupuncture, which I practice using no needles, totally non-invasive. According to auriculotherapy, as developed by Dr. Paul Nogeir, a French neurologist, in the 1950's, there is a map of the human body plotted out on the ear, and any part of the body can be addressed by treating the ear in the corresponding points.

Sujok Therapy: Korean hand and Foot Acupuncture, which I also practice non-invasively.

Quantum Chinese Herbal Therapy: a new twist on traditional herbal medicine, using only several herbs, and in much smaller amounts. Safe, very effective, even for children, and tasty too!

Energy Work: I do a combination of pranic healing, qi gong, and Body Space Medicine energy work

Spectra-Chrome Therapy: a modality in which colored lights are used to address pain and illness.

I look forward to sharing this wisdom with you. If you have a health concern you would like to discuss, you can schedule a (free) consultation, or, schedule an hour appointment so we can address your concerns with these cutting-edge holistic modalities. I encourage you to be in touch.

I am offering a holiday season package discount of 4 treatments for $200.00. (Buy a package for a friend (before January 15th) and receive an additional discount!) Ask me for details.

(Look for more info. on other health packages coming soon.)

Dr. Yosef Resnick, HMD